​Punjabi Social - A celebration of Punjabi street food & music

This started as a joke between friends but now has been in full swing for the past 5 years. We celebrate all the classic food from the Punjabi region from Lahore to Delhi. We also create a punjabi playlist and get the party started in style. Note if…

Beetroot & Yogurt Dip - Pancar Esmesi by The Hampstead Kitchen

A beautiful bright dip to be enjoyed with pitta chips in the summer or with a beautiful roasted leg of lamb. It's so easy to make. A lot of people make Beetroot Houmous already but I like this as its lighter and the yogurt gives a great sour taste…

​Balaboosta - Funny Mediterranean cookbook

Ba- la - boo - stay (n) literally means a perfect housewife (Yiddish) This is what really attracted me to this chef & author of this book. I was working in NYC when I discovered this book and all her stories resonated with why I loved cooking. So…

Arabeseque iftar - Ramadan feast after sunset

We hold this event every year to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan with friends from every community. This year we had Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and even those who didn't belong to any particular faith. Regardless of race,…

​Bokja design - Furniture designer from Lebanon

We are in love with this designer BokjaDesign, the re use old fabrics and upholster classics like the Eames chair. We recently commissioned a table cloth cuisines representing countries in the Middle East. We realised it was way to pretty to be used…

A Middle Eastern journey through 14 countries

We created a dish from 14 of the middle eastern countries. Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Qatar, Oman, Jordan , Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain & Lebanon.

The Family Socials - Sharing platters of food around a table together

One regular basis we get asked to cook for weekly family get togethers. Sharing food with family & friends on one table is the best kind of pleasure.

Kunafah - A sweet unusual pudding enjoyed by our clients

A sweet unusual pudding enjoyed by our clients, no one guess the unusual infusion. It’s hard to describe this heavenly dessert. But for those that try it for the first time, they often say its the best dessert they have had and there is nothing…

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Take a peek at what we do and how we do it. There will more video showing how to make some of dishes and tips on creating a great dinner party.

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