Our best-selling & most requested recipes by our clients & followers. They say Baking is a science & cooking is art, I guess we are artists. We love to cook with freedom and are constantly tweaking our recipes. Be brave and try some of these great recipes. So let's start cooking!

Roast Spring Lamb

Perfect for the May weekend or any weekend for that matter. Just add some good friends and you have the perfect feast.

Spring Rocket & Fig Salad

The easiest of salads, with sweet figs, rocket and salty feta topped with walnuts. It's ideal to serve with Spring lamb or to have on it's own. Why…

Royal Roast Chicken

We call it Royal, as we cook this at least twice a week for our favourite King. No measurements, just a swirl of garlic, lemon & essential spices and…

Signature Lamb Dish

Marinate for 24-36 hours for best results, can’t wait that long, add more lemon juice to accelerate the marinating process

Pistachio and rose topped chocolate mousse

This light and creamy mousse is an instant people pleaser, we add a little bite with chopped pistachios as the perfect topping.

Quails Stuffed with Rose Petals - Belderchineh Too Por

This recipe uses the delicate quail. We stuff the small bird with fragrant spices, fruits and nuts and serve with bread or rice. The left over meat…

Chicken with Apricots & Almonds - ​Mahmudiye

This is an Ottoman chicken dish and is mainly eaten around the summer months, served simply with Orzo or any small shaped pasta. I like to serve mine…

Our Royal Baklava recipe.

Baklava is a loved by all! It is a sticky,sweet pastry topped with pistachios, what more could you ask for? Do Baklava The Hampstead Kitchen way and…

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