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Perfect for when you don't have time to prepare dinner but need something more filling then snacks. This is the perfect menu to share with close friends casually around a coffee table sitting on cushions on the floor.

Coffee Table Mezze - Perfect for quick get together with freinds

I normally have these stables lying around in our central kitchen However you can just as easily pick a few items from a local deli and create your own.

Nice and easy to put this Mezze Social together, some of the recipes are in our recipes section


Chicken & Pistachio Skewers

Fig, feta, walnut, mint & pomegranate dressing

Muttabal Qara - Butternut quash, tahini, garlic & lemon dip

Falafels - fried ground chick peas with spices

Fattoush salad with cucumber, tomatoes & pomegranate seeds

Tabouleh - bulgar wheat , parsley, tomatoes, red onion , lime & garlic

Baba Ghanoush - Smoke aubergine, with lemon, garlic , chilli & mint

Dolmeh - vine leaves parcels filled with rice, barberries and spices

Booranieh Esefenaj - thick yogurt with cooked spinach, caramelised onions and dill

Pickled green peppers

Black olives

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